A Human Fighter (Knight), Member of the Brotherhood


Background: Martial – Scion of a Legend
You have trained for years to “join the family business”: to wield a blade in defense of the good of the kingdom. Stories like that have your great-great-grandfather, Chronos Redgrave, have echoed in your ears from childhood. You are the offspring in a family of soldiers. You were bred for greatness.

Prestige Class: Stalwart Knight
Your training and experience have made you strong, and the time has come to use that strength to advance your standing as a knight and a defender. Perhaps the time has come to join an order (if you have not done so already) or to establish your own. Either way, the stalwart knight stands at the forefront of every battle, a vanguard against the encroaching darkness.

Mount: Warhorse – “Wake”


To be born with the last name of Redgrave is to be born with an immediate expectation on your future: you will be an instrument of war, a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Such has been the case for generations in your family. Not many remember Titus Redgrave, believed to be the first Redgrave to fight in the King’s Army, but history definitely remembers your great-great-grandfather, Chronos Redgrave. With the aid of but a company of 200 men, Chronos took position in the village of Greenwall as nearly 1,500 soldiers from the lands of Baris attacked years ago. Outnumber nearly eight-to-one, Chronos and his men fought bravely, holding off the enemy army as best they could. When the cavalry arrived, the remnants of the enemy army were driven back to their lands. Sadly, Chronos fell in battle, his blood-drenched weapon still clutched in his hands. A statue remains in memory of his valiant service to the Crown.

You were born in Thornbriar, a large hamlet deep in the woods of Shara. You grew up like many little boys do, but you knew there was always something different. As you got older, it didn’t take long to learn the differences between your life and others. You learn of your family’s deep roots in the King’s Army – your father and mother had been soldiers for the King for years already before you were born. Your father, Jonathon Redgrave, was a crusader for the King, going on missions far and wide to seek glory and bring honor to the land of Shara; he taught you the power and precision need for attacking a foe. Your mother, Mary Redgrave, was part of the King’s guard; she taught you the benefits of a strong shield strapped to your arm and its variety of uses.

From a young age, you were taught how to properly wield and strike with a variety of weapons – swords, hammers, axes, etc. Your life consisted of daily training exercises and numerous chores to keep you strong and steadfast (especially the summer your mother had you clear room for a new building for the hamlet – so you had to level and turn into firewood nearly a half-acre of forest ), but as much as you trained for war, you worshipped a god of righteousness. Your parents impressed upon you the love of Pelor and the need to use your abilities fairly and for the good of the kingdom.

You left Thornbriar at the age of 18, but you didn’t head straight for Shara, as your parents expected. There was so much world to explore, and so much to do – why go immediately into a vocation when the world is out there? You wandered Shara, honing your skills against the denizens of the forest, both animal and sentient. But no matter what, there was that nagging feeling that was something out there more important. Somewhere in the world, your destiny was waiting like a dog waits for its master. It was waiting for you to find it.

…Or was it waiting for the perfect opportunity to find you? Around your 21st birthday, you were on a routine hunt for food, looking for something to catch and kill when you saw it. It was human-sized and armed, but it wasn’t a human. It looked like a large lizard. But who would’ve guessed that your destiny would begin the day that you found a dragonborn sneaking his way through the forest?


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